Who Are We?

The Canadian Association of Police Governance (CAPG) is the only national organization dedicated to excellence in police governance in Canada. Founded in 1989 with the goal to improve the effectiveness of civilian bodies that govern local police services, we have since grown to represent 80% of municipal police service oversight bodies (Police Boards and Commissions) throughout Canada.

For over 30 years, the CAPG has worked diligently to achieve the highest standards as the national voice of civilian oversight of municipal police. Legitimate police powers are derived from the consent of the public. As a result, it is incumbent upon the members of the CAPG to safeguard the public trust by acting ethically. The ethical foundation of justice, rule of law, moral core, human dignity and democratic principles forms the context for ethical decision making, which guide decisions made by the CAPG. The primary duty of all CAPG members is to work in support of Canadian democratic values that are enshrined in the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Composition and Duties of Canadian Police Boards and Commissions

For provinces in Canada with one or more municipal police services, governance of the police service falls to a civilian body comprised of members of municipal Council, citizens of the municipality appointed by either the province or municipality, or a combination thereof.

While duties of municipal police boards/commissions vary slightly from province to province, most are responsible for:

  • determining adequate personnel levels
  • budgeting for the needs of the police service
  • monitoring the budget
  • reviewing the performance of the service
  • hiring the Chief of Police
  • evaluating the Chief of Police
  • labour relations
  • discipline
  • policy development